Services Provided by the Big Marsh Fire Department

The Home Safety Inspection, Fire Escape Plan, and Community Awareness Services are not North Carolina State certified services, and are only services provided by volunteers from the Big Marsh Fire Department.  To schedule any of the listed services, please use the "Contact Us" page for our contact information.

  • Fire Protection & Prevention Services

The primary purpose of the Big Marsh Fire Department is fire protection, and prevention.  This includes a wide range of services provided to the community that it serves.  We train regularly on various fireground tactics, and strategies in order to maintain a high level of proficiency during fireground operations.  The two primary goals of the department are to save life, and property.  The Big Marsh Fire Department works closely with the community we serve, as well as surrounding agencies to help keep the public aware of fire safety.  Some of these functions include Fire Prevention Week "Show & Tell" at local schools, having a presence at local community events, and upon request we will come to your home, or place of business to provide fire safety training to help you survive an emergency.

  • Home Safety Inspection

Upon request, we will schedule a time to come to your home, and provide a safety inspection of your home, so that you may be better prepared if an emergency arises.  The inspection is a non-certified, walk through of your home, or business, where we will note any life safety hazards, and help you to formulate a plan to resolve the issue.  These issues may include any hazardous materials storage, flammable materials storage, safe evacuation routes during an emergency, smoke detector inspections, and any other concerns that we may suggest to help you during an emergency situation.  The Home Safety Inspection is provided to the residents of of the Big Marsh Fire District at no charge.  Please keep in mind that is a non-certified inspection to help you in case of an emergency.  For a certified home inspection, please contact your home insurance provider.

  • Fire Escape Plans

Upon request the Big Marsh Fire Department will schedule a time to meet with you, and formulate a safe, and efficient fire escape plan.  We will show you primary, and alternative routes of egress from your home, or business to keep you safe during a potential fire.  The fire escape plan is only a suggestion, and may help aid you in formulating your own fire escape plan.

  • Community Awareness

The Big Marsh Fire Department attends various community events throughout the year in order to help with community awareness about fire safety, and various other safety concerns. Some of these functions include have been listed above, but they are not exclusive to only those events.  The Big Marsh Fire Department will make every effort to attend any event that you request our presence at, in order to further community awareness of fire safety, and fire prevention.  Keeping in mind that the department may not be able to attend every event due to scheduling, we will communicate any issues as they arise.  We look forward to improving the community's knowledge, and participation in fire, and life safety. 
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