Fire Officers

Alex Inman
Fire Chief
Robbie Bass
Harvey Inman
Deputy Chief of Logistics
Deputy Chief of Operations/Training
Wayne Little
Gene Lambert

Safety Officer

Active Roster

Dwight Atkinson - Probationary Firefighter

David Baxley  -  Firefighter
Zachary Brown - Firefighter
Travis Brown - Firefighter
Jonathan Brown  - Firefighter

Jason Brown - Probationary Firefighter
Joseph Clayton  -  Firefighter
Richard Durden  -  Firefighter
Tara Gentry  -  Firefighter
Kolby Inman  -  Firefighter


Earl Johnson - Firefighter

Tony Lambert Sr. - Firefighter

Brittany Locklear - Firefighter
Myles Locklear - Firefighter
Terry Owens  -  Firefighter

Jamie Overton - Junior Firefighter

Mike Overton - Firefighter
Chad Ray  -  Firefighter
Brian Springer  -  Firefighter
Collin Willis - Firefighter


Gene Owens - Lifetime Member

Big Marsh Volunteer
456 S. 5th St.    St. Pauls, NC    28384

Phone:  (910) 865-5368       

Emergency Dial 9-1-1
Fire Department