One of the most important jobs the Big Marsh Volunteer Fire Department has is Fire Prevention.  This is accomplished through various means of public training, and awareness programs including National Fire Prevention Week in October of each year.  Teaching our youth the importance of fire safety, and prevention is a vital tool to help inform the entire community.  The Big Marsh Volunteer Fire Department is proud to work hand in hand with the St. Pauls Fire Department each year, and give presentations at local schools.  While we work hard to keep the public informed of fire safety, and prevention, we need your help.  
Below are some links to some very useful, and helpful websites that teach children about fire safety, including the popular Sparky the Fire Dog website, presented by the NFPA.  Some of these sites have great resources for educators that may aid them in teaching fire safety.  When it comes to teaching about fire safety, and prevention, we can all work together to keep our community safe. 
Visit the Official Sparky the Fire Dog Website
Safe Kids Worldwide Official Website
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